Diversity Training Brings Corporate Values to Life at BNFL.

The Challenge

When BNFL Inc. management began to hear rumblings of perceived harassment from its employees, they identified the need to help increase awareness of and sensitivity to diversity issues.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, BNFL accomplished the following results:

1. New training focused on the human side of diversity and the personal toll insensitivity takes on individuals and teams.

2. The training was grounded in the company’s values and addressed actual situations that managers had already or may encounter in a BNFL Inc. plant.

3. The result was a mandatory half-day training session for all managers and supervisors and an executive session for senior managers.

4. Respecting Our Differences was designed and rolled out to more than 200 BNFL Inc. supervisors and managers in the United States within just three months.

5. The training helped managers and supervisors look outside their own perceptions and become more empathetic by thinking about how others with different backgrounds, ethnicity or gender view a situation.

6. Developed a manager tool kit containing tips and techniques, sample “responses” and practice scenarios helping reinforce key elements once participants returned to work.
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Marian Boussios - Senior Counsel, BNFL Inc. and Innovation
The course helped participants to see that few issues are cut and dried. They came away understanding that small issues can’t be ignored or they could quickly become major problems.”
BNFL Results

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