Partnership Brings Vision Home.

When senior managers at BGE Home announced their goal to “delight customers and outclass the competition,” they were confident employees could achieve it – given the right tools and support.

The Challenge

BGE needed a strategy to help their staff take customer interactions to a more positive, solvable level so that they could meet senior managers’ goal to “delight and outclass the competition”. Call center staff needed to learn how to manage callers’ frustrations and not personally feel attacked.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, BGE Home accomplished the following results:

1. Customized the award-winning Signature Service program to reflect the specific challenges encountered by BGE Home call center staff and ensure that the training was valid.

2. Call center employees see the investment in their professional development as an indication of management’s respect for their contribution to the company’s overall vision.

3. Helped to reduce call center employee turnover and improved satisfaction on the job.

4. Introduced Managing Signature Service, the counterpart to Signature Service to ensure that call center managers had the skills to support employees and reinforce the training.

5. Trained 275 field technicians resulting in a customer satisfaction rating of 97% and service contract sales are the highest in five year.

6. Signature Service principles and language are now integrated into the company’s hiring process, quality monitoring models and performance appraisals and feedback systems.
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Vivian Ziegenhein
- BGE Home
Strategic Enhancement Group recognized that the messenger is as important as the message. Every participant could relate to the facilitator and he could relate to the situations and issues that field technicians encounter every day. The training was extremely personal and effective.”
BGE Home Results

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