SEG’s Commitment to Success at Enovation Graphics.

Partnership Key in Times of Change.

The Challenge

Enovation Graphics needed to improve the way it developed its people. While some professional development opportunities were being offered, there was little or no reinforcement. In addition, rumors of possible dramatic changes to the organization were circulating, creating an uncertain corporate climate.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Enovation Graphics accomplished the following results:

1. Delivered the 2 day Social Styles course so that the participants could learn how to apply their new skills.

2. Offers both Social Styles and Supervisory Leadership Series quarterly.

3. Uses an extensive Discovery process before each training initiative to develop the correct recommendation.

4. Identified that the new group needed to create a vision that could guide team members as their new unit came together.

5. Led a customized Innovator session for 20 senior managers that made the difference between moving forward as a team and ‘failing miserably’ as a new company.

6. Unit managers recognized the impact major organizational changes would have and their potential to cause significant service disruption if everyone doesn’t share a common vision.
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Daryl Franks
- Manager of Learning and Development, Enovation Graphic Systems
We’re active participants in the process. It’s an on-going dialogue. Strategic Enhancement Group doesn’t come in, ask a few questions then recommend a ‘package,’” said Franks. “They ask tough questions, questions we can’t always answer right away. They listen to the answers, research and ask more questions…then they make a recommendation.”

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