SEG’s Commitment to Success at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories.

The Challenge

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories wanted to create a system to help employees ‘walk the talk’ described in its value statement. They weren’t looking for a quick fix. They wanted to create a permanent, sustainable change in culture.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories accomplished the following results:

1. Heightened awareness of different communication styles and their impact on productivity and group effectiveness through Social Styles (now known as Building Relationship Versatility).

2. Helped individuals learn their own communication styles and identify the styles of those around them by teaching participants how to apply what they’ve learned to improve their relationships with others, including peers, co-workers and customers.

3. During a senior leadership retreat senior managers were trained in
Social Styles.

4. Required all team leaders to complete Social Styles training so that all team members spoke a “common language.”

5. To reinforce the company’s values at the customer service level, Signature Customer Service was rolled out to all supervisors and all team members who have direct client contact.

6. Ensuring that all team members, including those who work remotely at client sites, understand these values by requiring all employees working remotely as part of a team, to participate in Social Styles training.
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Beth DiPaolo
- Group Leader, Recruiting and Development, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
Social Styles reinforces the value we place on respecting differences and the unique contributions of others.”

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