SEG’s Commitment to Success at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Inc., USA.

Successfully Navigating Change.

The Challenge

Fujifilm needed to combine the managers from Fuji and newly-aquired large, independently owned distributors to lead a single, cohesive technical service unit while dealing with challenges of change through a merger.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Fujifilm accomplished the following results:

1. Customized the Dealing with Change course to develop the agenda, focusing on helping participants deal with change and teaching skills needed to help their staffs embrace change.

2. Worked together to create a shared vision and mission to guide the new group through the transition.

3. Utilized Innovator technology, a real-time, anonymous polling tool, to isolate important concerns and reinforced that management was genuinely interested in employees’ concerns.

4. Used the Hiring the Best assessment process and personal interviews, to handpick the best service department candidates for the new role of consulting technicians.

5. Tailored its Consultative Sales Process (CSP) course to help selected employees learn to uncover and address specific customer needs before taking the next step of making a specific product recommendation.

6. Holds bi-weekly coaching calls, facilitated by Strategic Enhancement Group team members, to help reinforce key skills with both sales managers and the newly trained consulting technicians.
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Neil Johnson
- Vice President, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Inc. USA
We get together regularly to check in, discuss how things are going and look ahead. Their extensive business experience makes Strategic  Enhancement Group a great resource. I know I can depend on them to be honest and frank in their answers.”
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