Strategic Enhancement Group’s Commitment to Success at Astellas.

Seizing the Opportunity of Change.

The Challenge

In February 2004, senior managers at Fujisawa Pharmaceutical and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical announced the decision to merge and form Astellas Pharma US, Inc., creating one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Rather than let employees struggle with the impact of change without support, the company’s senior managers decided to address the challenges head-on.

The Solution

In partnering with Strategic Enhancement Group, Astellas Pharma US, Inc. implemented the following:

1. Developed and implemented The Opportunity of Change, a customized program to give employees a forum for discussing concerns and fears, learn coping strategies, techniques for minimizing stressful situations and team building skills, and embrace new goals and visions.

2. Delivered the custom program in a single day to minimize the time managers and individual contributors were required to be away from their jobs in an effort to limit the stress of an increased workload at the time.

3. Developed two separate, customized courses – one for managers and one for individual contributors.

4. Clearly identified the company’s values and let everyone know where Astellas Pharma US, Inc. was headed.

5. Created a program that was culturally adapted in both Japan and the United States through the insight of a Japanese cultural expert.

6. Development also included the creation of a participant questionnaire, a comprehensive training schedule, and administrative processes. Materials were designed and translated into Japanese.
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Diane Murphy
- SEG Facilitator
Many participants stopped after the session to thank the company for offering the training and helping employees learn to make the most of change. For many, it was very empowering to understand that while they can’t change the circumstances, they can change their reactions to them.”
Astellas Results

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