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Lead and They will Follow – Manage and They will Succeed

What is the role of a leader? What is the role of a manager? At Strategic Enhancement Group Inc., we believe that both of these roles are different and with balance, you can achieve organizational performance and individual fulfillment.

The phenomenon of leadership is someone following someone else because they want to, not because they have to. Leaders, who address the “why,” provide inspiration and define the strategy. They are versatile and align themselves and their work unit with the organization’s mission, core competencies, and values. They have vision for what their work unit will accomplish and articulate their personal values to the team. They have a passion for their work and a passion for creating fulfillment of each individual they lead. So then, the question becomes, “Would you follow you?”

Managers address the “How.” They focus on profitability, operational excellence, and constant improvement. They clarify policies, establish goals, provide feedback on performance, and support every individual by removing obstacles and securing resources to help individuals and organizations achieve success. They establish a consistent and fair recognition and reward system that creates a feeling. Senior Management, Front Line Managers and Supervisors have an important role in helping employees feel that they are making a valuable contribution to their work unit and organization. Making a contribution is a major factor in retention of good employees. Studies have shown that the number one reason that people leave an organization is due to their direct supervisor/manager. That is a powerful statement.

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People don’t leave companies – they leave managers...”

Creating a balance of performance with fulfillment will yield greater job satisfaction and organizational performance. Knowing that people are generally the ultimate competitive advantage and differentiation, the Leader Manager will invest in their growth and development, – helping them move to the next level. A balance of organizational performance and individual fulfillment will create tremendous energy, commitment, creativity, and collaboration. Employees will believe in each other and their ability to be wildly successful.

When Christopher Columbus set sail he didn’t know where he was going, how to get there, or how he was doing during his journey. After he returned, he didn’t know where he had been. Employees today have similar questions of their management. The Leader Manager knows the questions and provides the roadmap to success.

Leader / Manager Questions:

  1. Why are we here? (What is our mission?)
  2. What are we doing? (What are our goals?)
  3. How are we progressing? (What feedback are we giving employees?)
  4. What’s in it for me? (What employee needs do we meet; what recognition do we give?
  5. What happens when I need help? (What support are we providing to employees; what barriers to their success are we removing?)

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