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Signature Customer Service

Businesses in every sector are experiencing increased competition as new, diverse players enter the market. When consumers have more choices, they perceive fewer differences among companies that provide similar services. Switching suppliers is easy, and customers can demand a higher level of service. To remain competitive, your business can’t afford anything less than the highest level of customer satisfaction. This means ensuring that customer contact personnel have the tools and skills they need to deliver the highest paid possible level of customer satisfaction.

Program Overview

Signature Service is a practical, results-oriented program that helps service providers at all levels develop and apply the skills necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Signature Service recognizes four distinct customer conditions and provides specific approaches for successfully responding to each one. Service providers bring customers to a satisfied level, then confirm customer satisfaction.

Customers are rarely completely dissatisfied, just as they often are not completely satisfied. Customers who experience a low degree of dissatisfaction—or a low degree of satisfaction—are in the Zone of Indifference. When they are indifferent about the service they receive, it is easy for them to change suppliers.

Value Proposition

Obviously losing customers is disastrous to the profitability and growth of any company and service employee turnover is costly, as well. Signature Service helps service providers manage contacts in a way that offers greater satisfaction to customers—and to the service providers themselves. This overall increase in satisfaction can lead to increased retention of both customers and service providers. It addresses the key business issue of achieving customer loyalty through customer satisfaction.


Signature Service learning components can be flexibly delivered as an instructor-led solution with an application session for practice and action planning. Optional components (in italics) are highly recommended to create an integrated solution to positively influence customer loyalty.

The classroom components of Signature Service can be taught by a Strategic Enhancement Group facilitator or by an organization’s leader-trained in-house professional. Signature Service is delivered as a single two-day session, or as a series of discrete two-hour modules. This enables:

  • Flexible delivery, so training your employees does not result in an interruption of service delivery
  • Tactical action planning to address common customer service challenges

Signature Service has seven integrated learning modules:

Enabling Improved Performance

The Signature Service can be enhanced by optional performance application, reinforcement, and support tools, such as: implementation guides and performance checklists to ensure that service providers can develop skills during the workshop and then fine tune their newly acquired skills and behaviors upon returning to work. A job aid card is provided during the course and can be used long after the course is over. Involving service managers early on, and training them to coach for improved performance, is also fundamental to a successful Signature Service implementation.


Organizations that implement Signature Service have access to measurement and evaluation tools. Skill checklists help managers track service providers’ use of Signature Service skills over time. Managers can use this information to measure performance and provide feedback on an individual level. Managers can also use these checklists in staff meetings to both measure and reinforce early implementation.

Strategic Enhancement Group also recommends comparative customer service surveys to track satisfaction levels before and after Signature Service implementation. This data provides valuable insights into the impact of Signature Service.


In most implementations, Strategic Enhancement Group, Inc. will partner with your organization to measure the initial behavioral changes and business results. We have a common interest in making sure that Signature Service brings the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed. And we will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move the desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

This offering, like all others from Strategic Enhancement Group, can be customized to reflect you environment and business priorities. Please contact Strategic Enhancement Group, Inc. at (630) 377-4300, (888) 668-9382 outside of IL or Online.

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